For Professionals

IKOR offers an integrated portfolio of services focusing in three main areas: Healthcare Advocacy, Financial Advocacy and Medical Management. Our team of Registered Nurse Advocates and Personal Needs Coordinators can provide a vast array of services to help you provide better services to your clients.

For Families

IKOR understands tending to the needs of seniors and the disabled can often be stressful and draining in terms of both emotions and time. You may feel overwhelmed and perhaps believe you are not qualified to make the important decisions now confronting you. IKOR was founded to help you during these difficult times.

Case Studies

IKOR is different from other businesses serving the needs of seniors and the disabled. Every day, IKOR Registered Nurse Advocates, Personal Needs Coordinators and National Certified Guardians help our clients maintain or improve the quality of their life. Our case studies take an in-depth look at how IKOR has helped our clients.

IKOR's History

While working one day, IKOR founder Patricia Maisano answered a call from a distraught woman. The woman told Patricia about her mother and the difficulty her family was having helping her with her needs. The services were not available to the general public, but that call set Patricia on a path to help those in need.

The IKOR Process to Life ManagementThe IKOR Approach

Needs Assessment

Comprehensive review to determine current status and needs including medical, environmental, psycho-social and help with bill pay.

Life Management Advocacy Plan (Life MAP)

Development of both a short-term plan to address immediate needs and a long-term plan addressing on-going and future needs.

Coordination of Care

IKOR coordinates and oversees every aspect of a person's life.

Quality Assurance

IKOR takes responsibility for the consistent monitoring of the care services to ensure exceptional quality standards are met.

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Corporate Partners

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IKOR is a proud corporate partner of the Aging Life Care Association

IKOR is a proud member of the National Guardianship Association