IKOR was contacted by the parents of an otherwise healthy teenage son.  Their son was playing football for his high school team when one of his lungs collapsed.

Their son, Sam, was admitted to a local hospital five days before and was still suffering. The doctor wasn’t communicating with them, and continued to do testing but would not explain to them why or what the results were. They felt totally in the dark. These parents were educated and involved parents who felt completely lost as to how to help their son. They had heard of IKOR and wanted to see if we could help.

The IKOR Approach

Our RN Patient Advocate (RNPA) went directly to the hospital even though it was after hours for her. The staff told our nurse that the doctor had left for the day.  The RN met with the parents and Sam, and found a young man who was no better than when he was first admitted.  As the nurse was talking to the family, the doctor reappeared, and the IKOR RN began asking direct questions and expecting answers.

The doctor refused to answer, and the IKOR RNPA, being properly trained, acted professionally but demonstrated to the doctor her knowledge of the patient’s condition. When they discussed the errors the doctor had made and the jeopardy he had placed the client in, the doctor clearly understood the role of the IKOR Advocate.

Case Outcome

The RN Patient Advocate worked with the family and coordinated the patient’s move to another hospital.  In getting the patient a specialist for his condition and the necessary surgery, Sam was once again himself.   He was well enough to return to football before the end of the season, and IKOR completed its advocacy.