Alfred is an 83-year-old man who had lost connections with his family due to some mental health issues in his past.  He was living in an assisted living facility and had stopped paying his bill, leaving the assisted living director no choice but to look for outside assistance.   Alfred had a nephew that lived several states away, but was an established scientist who could not take time away from work.  Alfred’s nephew had no idea what his uncle’s situation was or how to handle it.  At the facility’s suggestion, the nephew contacted IKOR.

IKOR Approach

IKOR visited the facility and assessed Alfred’s situation and needs. The RN Advocate found a room overflowing with what looked like trash in boxes.  The facility planned to back a truck up and throw away everything, but IKOR stopped them. Instead, we used the IKOR Approach for exploring everything in the room to learn what we could.

The Outcome

Through our light forensic accounting, we discovered more than $4 million and the existence of six different bank accounts in six different banks, as well as stocks, bonds and safety deposit boxes.   Most of these assets were not recorded elsewhere, and if the contents had been thrown away, that wealth would have been lost.  Do we always find money?  Of course not.  But we have had numerous situations of locating money, antiques and other valuables that added to the funds needed for care, and in each case no one knew those valuables existed.