Nine-year-old Gary became a quadriplegic from an accident that occurred when he was 10 months old. IKOR was asked to be involved by the trust officer working with the family. Upon assessment, IKOR noted several issues that needed immediate attention despite having one of the finest children’s hospitals as the central treatment team.  Gary needed new arm braces, a wheelchair that fits his growing size, and the removal of an undersized trachea tube. We also noted that Gary had never received any childhood immunizations, and had never attended school.

IKOR Approach

The IKOR RN Advocate began interfacing with the staff of caregivers and noted that they were untrained to perform such functions as suctioning the trachea tube or basic care of Gary’s special physical needs.

IKOR first began communicating with the treatment team. IKOR had the trachea tube safely removed from Gary, and he slowly began the process of learning to eat by mouth. IKOR replaced Gary’s caregivers with trained RNs and LVNs, obtained a new wheelchair and arm splints for Gary, started physical therapy for him, and got his required immunizations. With the immunizations in place, IKOR identified a nearby school program, paid for by the local school district, that could address Gary’s special needs and challenges.  The IKOR RN got Gary a special computer, paid for by the school, which could be operated through his existing abilities, enabling Gary to communicate more effectively. Gary, at last, had the socialization of peers and didn’t feel quite alone in the world.

Case Outcome

Gary’s quality of health and life were greatly improved, not just for the present, but with possibilities for greater enhancement in the future.