Mr. and Mrs. Smith wanted to remain independent in their 55+ community, and their children called IKOR to learn what was possible. After our IKOR assessments of both parents, we determined that continuing in their current lifestyle was safe to do at this point without aide services.

IKOR Approach

Our RN Advocate attends all important doctor appointments for each client to communicate any changes or identified issues, find out what other treating doctors have done, and obtain new orders. About every two weeks, the nurse also distributes medications for Mr. and Mrs. Smith into a secure telemedicine unit.

The nurse sets the parameters of the unit’s distribution by computer remotely.   Now every time medications are needed; the couple does not forget their medications. The unit tells them verbally when it’s time and for whom (“Mr. Smith, it’s time to take your medicine”), and disburses the correct medications into a cup.  Mr. Smith has 30 minutes to take his meds, and if he doesn’t, the medication unit automatically sends a text message to their IKOR RN Advocate’s cell phone and informs her that the meds have not been taken.  She can then immediately follow up by phone and find out what’s happening.

Case Outcome

This system has not only improved our clients’ health, but it’s also allowed them to live the quality of life they want and to know that IKOR is there for them should a change occur.