IKOR Advocates are independent professionals looking out for the needs of our clients. We go beyond traditional case management by advocating for our clients in every aspect of their life. Our Life Management Assessment provides the foundation for everything we do. Through this assessment, we gain a holistic view of our client’s life and create a Life Management Advocacy Plan tailored to their needs and preferences. In the Life Management Advocacy Plan, you will find expert, unbiased advice that puts the needs of the client first and foremost. Our goal is to achieve an optimal level of wellness and improve coordination of care while providing cost effective, non-duplicative service. From medical advocacy to residential needs assessments to on-site safety assurance evaluations and routine bill pay, IKOR Advocates are the professionals you can rely on.

We understand tending to the needs of seniors and those with disabilities can be overwhelming. Contact us today to learn how IKOR’s unique approach to life management can help you.

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Services Our Office Offers

We are independent advocates focused intently on meeting the needs of our clients. We are different from others that serve the needs of seniors and the disabled. We are advocates first, providing guidance, planning, oversight and the implementation of plans designed to focus on our client’s critical life challenges.

Life Management

  • Living Arrangements
  • Routine Bill Pay
  • Coordination & Oversight of Life Services
  • Ensuring Independence
  • Predatory Issues
  • Personal Rights Protection
  • Ensuring Safety & Independence

Medical Advocacy

  • Medical Oversight
  • Professionals in Crisis
  • Chronic Illness
  • Power of Attorney
  • Agent for Power of Attorney
  • Agent of Guardian

Financial Advocacy

  • Light Forensic Accounting
  • Routine Bill Pay
  • Agent for Power of Attorney
  • Agent for Guardian of Estate

Disability Advocacy

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Intellectual Disabled Individuals
  • Assisting Those in Need

IKOR of West St. Louis Advocates

When you are unsure where to turn to get help with life’s challenges, let an IKOR Advocate help. Through our Life Management Advocacy Plans, IKOR Advocates are able to gain a complete view of our client’s life and make objective recommendations to help them maintain or improve their quality of life.

Our client-centered approach goes beyond case management to offer integrated life and care coordination services. Our trained professionals can help manage the medical, financial and personal aspects of life. At IKOR, we simplify the complex parts of life so enabling our clients to focus on life’s more important moments.

Todd Chollet, Managing Director

Todd Chollet, Managing Director | IKOR of West St. LouisTodd Chollet has extensive experience advocating for his clients in the health care and financial services industries. As a licensed physical therapist he spent years working in rehabilitative services helping clients regain physical function and advising them on optimizing quality of life in a safe environment. His background in compliance and investment analysis provides necessary experience to watch out for predatory behavior and financial mismanagement. Mr. Chollet's experience coupled with the extensive medical background of the IKOR Nurse's provides great synergy when advocating for your loved one.

Judy Thomas, Registered Nurse Advocate

Judy Thomas | RN Advocate, IKOR of West St. LouisJudy joins IKOR with more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She has been a licensed RN for equally as long. She spent the early part of her career working in hospitals providing bedside care. She has served in a number of other leadership roles in healthcare including Director of an Assisted Living Community, Referral Specialist and Admissions Coordinator for a Rehab Hospital and LTAC, and a Case Manager and Health Coach for an insurance companies.

Judy works with our clients to determine their medical needs and coordinate the delivery of care services to ensure our client’s needs are being met and personal preferences are being fulfilled. She is excited to couple her years of experience as a nurse with IKOR’s training in medical advocacy to help members of our community and their families navigate the healthcare system as an objective advocate.

In her free time, she volunteers as an advocate in the court systems and enjoys spending time with her husband, their pups and family.

Personal Needs Coordinators

Our Personal Needs Coordinators (PNCs) are experienced financial professionals who provide guidance, planning, oversight and the implementation of plans designed to focus on our client’s important life challenges. Personal Needs Coordinators can act as an independent, objective party to help make financial decisions that are in the best interest of our client. From helping the client find an appraiser for antiques or jewelry to helping them liquidate assets or getting quotes and bids for home modifications and repairs, our PNCs are ready to help our clients make informed decisions.

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111 Westport Plaza Drive, Suite 600
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Phone: (314) 764-5671
Fax: (314) 325-0001



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