IKOR Advocates are independent professionals looking out for the needs of our clients. We go beyond traditional case management by advocating for our clients in every aspect of their life. Our Life Management Assessment provides the foundation for everything we do. Through this assessment, we gain a holistic view of our client’s life and create a Life Management Advocacy Plan tailored to their needs and preferences. In the Life Management Advocacy Plan, you will find expert, unbiased advice that puts the needs of the client first and foremost. Our goal is to achieve an optimal level of wellness and improve coordination of care while providing cost effective, non-duplicative service. From medical advocacy to residential needs assessments to on-site safety assurance evaluations and routine bill pay, IKOR Advocates are the professionals you can rely on.

We understand tending to the needs of seniors and those with disabilities can be overwhelming. Contact us today to learn how IKOR’s unique approach to life management can help you.

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Services Our Office Offers

We are independent advocates focused intently on meeting the needs of our clients. We are different from others that serve the needs of seniors and the disabled. We are advocates first, providing guidance, planning, oversight and the implementation of plans designed to focus on our client’s critical life challenges.

Life Management

  • Living Arrangements
  • Routine Bill Pay
  • Coordination & Oversight of Life Services
  • Ensuring Independence
  • Predatory Issues
  • Personal Rights Protection
  • Ensuring Safety & Independence

Medical Advocacy

  • Medical Oversight
  • Professionals in Crisis
  • Chronic Illness
  • Power of Attorney
  • Agent for Power of Attorney
  • Guardian of Person
  • Agent of Guardian

Financial Advocacy

  • Light Forensic Accounting
  • Routine Bill Pay
  • Power of Attorney
  • Agent for Power of Attorney
  • Guardian of Estate
  • Agent for Guardian of Estate

Disability Advocacy

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Intellectual Disabled Individuals
  • Assisting Those in Need

IKOR of Park Hills Advocates

When you are unsure where to turn to get help with life’s challenges, let an IKOR Advocate help. Through our Life Management Advocacy Plans, IKOR Advocates are able to gain a complete view of our client’s life and make objective recommendations to help them maintain or improve their quality of life.

Our client-centered approach goes beyond case management to offer integrated life and care coordination services. Our trained professionals can help manage the medical, financial and personal aspects of life. At IKOR, we simplify the complex parts of life so enabling our clients to focus on life’s more important moments.

William Schult, Managing Director

bill-headshot-webBill Schult is the Managing Director of IKOR in Park Hills, KY, about 3 miles south of downtown Cincinnati. He leads the organization in all aspects, including being heavily involved with all client situations. Bill is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and he brings significant management and business experience in various finance and accounting roles, including time as a CPA at Deloitte. Bill serves on the board of the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky’s Northern Kentucky Chapter as well as was appointed by the Governor of Kentucky to serve on Kentucky’s Advisory Council for Medical Assistance. Bill started IKOR shortly after seeing the challenges his family faced in coordinating care for and with his grandmother, complicated by her lifelong battle with Polio and later struggles with Alzheimer’s Disease. Bill has a passion for helping seniors and individuals with special needs, recognizing that both group can become vulnerable and risk exploitation. Bill resides in Crescent Springs, KY with his wife Lindsay and their two children, Will and Hannah.

Registered Nurse Advocates

Our Registered Nurse Advocates are highly experienced professionals with supervisory or management experience in the nursing field. RN Advocates have received specialized training from IKOR and have a special understanding of medical advocacy. They help our clients, and their families, navigate the complex, and often fragmented care systems. We understand tending to the needs of seniors and the disabled can be a daunting challenge. Our RN Advocates work with our clients to determine their medical needs and coordinate the delivery of care services to ensure our client’s needs are being met and personal preferences are being fulfilled.

Lisa Hubbard RN, DNP, CNL

Lisa Hubbard is a Registered Nurse (RN) with over 20 years of experience in the fields of medicine, psychology, and education. Lisa is a native of Northern Kentucky and has experience in various roles such as Director of Nursing, Clinical Nurse Leader, and Manager of Patient Services (Psychiatry) at several organizations, including the VA Medical Center and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Prior to becoming a nurse, Lisa was an educator (including at the graduate-school level) and she herself has Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Nursing, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice (from Vanderbilt University). She was attracted to IKOR because she knows the medical world can be confusing for those of all ages, and helping others find proper care and live a life of peace and happiness is her life’s mission.

Katie Price, RN, BSN

Katie Price is a Kentucky and Ohio Registered Nurse (RN) who has been practicing care for over 10 years. She is originally from Cincinnati and has lived in Northern Kentucky for the last several years. Katie has worked at St. Elizabeth Medical Center as an RN for over 8 years, primarily in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. She co-chaired the Unit Performance Improvement Committee and, while working at the hospital, obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing on a scholarship at Thomas More College. Katie is a key member of the IKOR team and she ensures that each client’s needs are competently managed and administered in their best interests at all times. She achieves this due to her years of experience as an RN but, more importantly, due to her ability to collaborate and communicate with her peers and senior colleagues across the medical profession. She firmly believes that she has helped her clients and patients to live their best life possible.

Carolyn Cappiello, RN, BSN, CSW

Carolyn Cappiello, RN, BSN, CSWBased out of Louisville, Carolyn is a Registered Nurse (both Kentucky and Indiana) and Certified Social Worker with more than 30 years of experience. A native of New York who has lived in Louisville for over 20 years, Carolyn’s career includes a range of both social work and nursing experience, including 15 years as a Hospice nurse. Her broad mix of career experiences enables her to assist her clients with all of their needs, whether those needs are medical, emotional, or psychosocial. She received her Bachelors’ Degree in Nursing from Adelphi University (New York) and her Master of Social Work from University of Illinois. She firmly believes that she has helped her clients and patients to live their best life possible. She was attracted to IKOR because she remembers the difficulty, even with her professional expertise, of managing care for her own aging parent, and enjoys being able to assist other individuals families to navigate the process as easily as possible.

Jessica Desch, RN, BSN

Jessica Desch, RN, BSN | IKOR in Park HillsJessica Desch is a Registered Nurse (RN) who has been practicing nursing for over 18 years. She is originally from West Chester, OH and has lived in Northern Kentucky for the last several years. Jessica has a diverse nursing background, working most recently at The Urology Group preceded by 15 years at Good Samaritan Hospital and before that a stint as a travel nurse. Her experience includes cardiac care, ICU, IV drug therapy management, conducting physical examinations, and the operating room. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Cincinnati. In addition to her professional career, Jessica has also cared for and live through the challenges of an helping a loved one to age gracefully, and her combination of professional and personal experience makes her well-equipped to assist IKOR’s clients as they navigate the diverse set of challenges that they encounter, ranging from medical care management to living arrangements to psychosocial & emotional concerns.

Mary-Eliese Merrill, RN, BSN, CM, MA

Headshot for Mary-Eliese Merrill, RN Advocate | IKOR Park HillsBased out of Louisville, Mary-Eliese is a Registered Nurse (both Kentucky and Indiana), Certified Case Manager (CM), and is a certified ANCC Nursing Case Manager with more than 30 years of experience. A relatively recent Louisville native, Mary-Eliese’s career includes a range of both nursing (primarily mental health) and healthcare administration experience, including with the Veterans’ Administration. Her career has crossed the country, from South Carolina to Louisiana to the Northeast, which in addition to her diverse professional experience gives her tremendous insight to best practices and options for her clients. She received her Bachelors’ Degree in Nursing from Southern Connecticut State College (New Haven, CT) and her Masters in Nursing Administration from Columbia University. Mary-Eliese’s personal and professional experiences permit her to advocate strongly with or on her clients’ behalf.

Amy Frey

Amy Frey, Personal Needs Coordinator | IKOR Park HillsAmy Frey’s diverse professional background has prepared her greatly for the well-rounded role of an IKOR Personal Needs Coordinator. Amy has worked in many industries (senior care, insurance, legal, financial) across many types of positions (marketing, caregiving, event planning, and administrative). In particular, her time as a caregiver for elderly clients of her has given her a strong footing on which to step into this broad role, where she can leverage her multiple skills to cater to her client’s big picture needs, as well as have a very keen sense for the true well-being of her clients and ensure that they being well taken care of.

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What People are Saying about IKOR of Park Hills

“My law practice's clients regularly call me with non-legal needs. It is wonderful for me to be able to send these folks to IKOR of Park Hills.  Before IKOR, I would often dedicate too many resources to address these issues—ultimately causing unneeded stress on my team and unneeded billings for my clients!”

-Parker L. Clifton, Attorney (Crestview Hills, KY)

"Dealing with Bill has been so wonderful. There needs to be more organizations like IKOR of Park Hills!"

- H. Jones (Erlanger, KY), an 82-year-old client who engaged IKOR to assist with moving to assisted living and filing a Long-Term Care Insurance claim

“After my brother’s severe health crisis, I was overwhelmed and alone trying to manage his needs from a distance. It has been a relief to have a competent, professional & compassionate partner in Bill who lives locally, has navigated diverse requests, and proactively anticipates needs. There hasn’t been a request too big or too small that IKOR hasn’t been willing to tackle.”

-B. Shaw, Sister of a 62-year-old client (Taylor Mill, KY) who lives on the West Coast and engaged IKOR to be her local eyes and ears