Do you feel overwhelmed navigating the complex healthcare system? Struggling to make tough decisions regarding finances, healthcare, or housing for a loved one?

We understand tending to the needs of seniors and those with disabilities can be overwhelming. IKOR can help you understand your options and what resources are available. With IKOR you receive peace of mind: expert local advice that puts client needs first and helps ensure you and your loved ones are able to live meaningful and fulfilling lives, even in difficult times.

At the heart of our process is the creation of a custom Life MAP (Management Advocacy Plan). This plan takes a holistic inventory of medical needs, financial health, emotional well-being and more, and allows us to recommend cost-effective, non-duplicative services -- tailored to your exact needs and preferences.

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Our Life Care Management Services

Life care management goes beyond care management by taking a holistic approach to a person’s life situation. We know health makes up only part of an individual’s overall well-being; that’s why we take into account ever aspect of a person’s life. 

We have one focus: helping our clients live the most fulfilling and independent life possible. We are advocates first, providing guidance, planning, oversight and the implementation of plans designed to focus on our client’s critical life challenges.

Life Management

  • Living Arrangements
  • Routine Bill Pay
  • Coordination & Oversight of Life Services
  • Ensuring Independence
  • Predatory Issues
  • Personal Rights Protection
  • Ensuring Safety & Independence

Medical Advocacy

  • Medical Oversight
  • Professionals in Crisis
  • Chronic Illness
  • Power of Attorney
  • Agent for Power of Attorney
  • Guardian of Person
  • Agent of Guardian

Financial Advocacy

  • Light Forensic Accounting
  • Routine Bill Pay
  • Power of Attorney
  • Agent for Power of Attorney
  • Guardian of Estate
  • Agent for Guardian of Estate

Disability Advocacy

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Intellectual Disabled Individuals
  • Assisting Those in Need

Meet Your Local IKOR Team

We are passionate about helping individuals in our community. We support our neighbors and take care of our friends. We pride ourselves on being a resource people in our community can rely on to help navigate life’s challenges. As Life Care Managers, we know a person’s happiness, living conditions, and finances all contribute to one's well-being. Our comprehensive life care management services empower families and individuals to make informed decisions and improve the overall quality of life. At IKOR, we simplify the complex parts of life enabling our clients to focus on life’s more important moments.

Grant & Terri Ostler, Managing Directors

Grant is a CPA focusing on finance, corporate governance, and risk. He has served as the Chief Audit Executive at multiple companies, including Northern Tier Energy, Ceridian, and Ecolab. Grant has been recognized for his skills in enterprise risk management, process improvement, auditing, and developing talent and high-performing teams.

Terri is a people person—a caregiver at heart. She considers her career as a Registered Dental Hygienist to have provided some of the most rewarding and satisfying years of her life. “I love the relationship of trust you build with people as you help them realize the importance and impact of their health”. Her senior clients are among her favorites and were part of the inspiration that led Grant and Terri to continue their pattern of lifelong service with IKOR.

Grant and Terri are very involved in their church and community. Terri works closely with the teenage girls in several local congregations as a youth leader and plans conferences, camps and activities in that capacity. Grant has volunteered his time in many roles for the Boy Scouts of America and currently serves on the Board of Directors for a Minnesota-based non-profit organization.

In their spare time they look for ways to keep healthy and active, including hiking and biking at local state parks and going to the gym together for spin class. They love to travel and of course love spending time with their grandchildren.

Braxton Excell, Operations Manager

Braxton is a Certified Senior Advisor and former auditor with a background in healthcare compliance. He has worked in various segments of the healthcare industry, including medical devices, healthcare provider networks, and pharmaceutical benefit management. He has several years experience working directly with government healthcare programs including Medicaid and Medicare, and has experience working with domestic and international regulatory bodies. His past professional experience also includes serving as the chair of the Cultural Competency Committee for the largest behavioral health network in the State of Utah.

Braxton is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and spent 2 years as a full-time volunteer in the San Francisco Bay Area providing free translation services and English instruction to the elderly immigrant population there. This experience inspired him to take an active role in linking individuals with needed resources—a life-long passion which continues to drive his efforts as our Operations Manager.

In his spare time, Braxton enjoys cooking with his wife (an elementary school teacher), reading biographies, and listening to jazz.

Registered Nurse Advocates

RN Advocates are registered nurses who have multiple years of clinical experience. They have received specialized training from IKOR in medical advocacy and life care management. Our RN Advocates manage a small number of client cases and help our clients navigate the complex and fragmented health care system. From making sense of medical information to attending doctor’s appointments, determining cognitive abilities and coordinating care between specialists, our RN Advocates ensure our client's medical needs are being met and they are receiving the best care possible.

Personal Needs Coordinators

Personal Needs Coordinators (PNCs) coordinate the delivery of services that enable an individual to live a fulfilled and independent life. Our PNCs can aid in finding and vetting vendors for home care, or help arrange for yard care or home maintenance for clients who live at home. Our PNCs also provide simple bill pay services for the client and can be instrumental in mitigating the risk of financial exploitation.

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