When my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I wanted to understand what he needed and what I could do. Through your assessment, you found the place that could meet all of my dad’s physical and psychological needs. And you helped me as well. You educated me in the disease process, and gave me some instruction on how to communicate with him to make the time we had left have greater meaning. We could communicate again on his level, and I understood how and why. My last months with him were some of our best. I’ll never forget what IKOR did for us.

My mother was in an auto accident at 70 years old and left a quadriplegic. I had one school-aged child and one on the way. She was seeing 10 different doctors and was, when we met IKOR, on 35 different medications. Mom was living with me, and I didn’t know what to do next. Your IKOR RN Advocate got us dependable home care and worked with the doctors to coordinate information during her hospital admissions. With your help, she decreased the number of doctors in her care and significantly decreased her medications. Things calmed down to such a point that we didn’t need your help any longer. But I know if I ever need you again, IKOR will be there.

My parents were on the East Coast and I was on the West. The only support they had was a family member who needed more help than they did. As a doctor, I couldn’t continue to leave my practice for weeks at a time to fly home to take care of what they needed. IKOR not only got their health and care stabilized, but helped me move them both out to the West Coast to live with me. Please accept the flowers as a small token of our appreciation.

My mother was on a downward spiral. I was told that she would never leave the nursing home. When I found IKOR, she weighed 85 pounds and we had given up hope. All she wanted to do was come home, and die there. With IKOR, she not only came home, she gained weight and got her strength back. You helped her fulfill a dream, to see her last New York City Christmas with some dear friends. I couldn’t have asked for more.

When my mother became ill, I prayed for an angel to help me. God sent me IKOR. Thank you for all you did. I keep your sympathy card with the others from the family. IKOR will always be one of the family.

IKOR gave my father a true quality for the last three years of his life. He regained his dignity and choices, and felt more in control until the end. With my extensive traveling for business, you were there for him and for me.

As a guardian, IKOR has been a staunch supporter of my mother’s day-to-day needs, and has worked tirelessly to protect my mom’s legal rights. IKOR is a caring and comforting support for my mother, which has brought me peace of mind. I have great faith that IKOR serves all their customers like my mother with compassion and with the utmost professionalism.
Patricia G.

I had neither the time nor the training to handle my in-law’s failing health issues; IKOR was the perfect solution for me.

Without IKOR’s guidance through the maze of medical choices presented, my husband and I would never have found this beautiful facility.

One of the most comforting services that IKOR performs is the knowledge that our parents are being continuously monitored.

Because of IKOR’s medical insight, my family feels confident that we made the best choices for our parents.

IKOR’s talented, dedicated, intelligent advocates improved every aspect of my care!