Datikor® is IKOR’s proprietary client management software, which is encrypted and fully HIPAA compliant. Transparency is a hallmark of IKOR. Our commitment to you is to keep you informed about our management of your client’s or family member’s case every step of the way. Datikor affords numerous advantages:

Trust officers, attorneys and other professionals can benefit from Datikor® through:

  • Case Notes On-demand: Review extensive documentation from your client’s Registered Nurse Patient Advocate and Personal Needs Coordinator to know exactly what IKOR is doing for your client.
  • Secure Access: Provide your staff, client and the client’s family with access to Datikor’s information as you see fit.
  • Exceptional Transparency: View a detailed daily log of notes to see what has been done and the charge incurred.
  • Quality of Life Tracking: Stay informed to make proactive decisions on your client’s behalf.

Family members can count on Datikor® for peace of mind by:

  • Quick Access to Information: Datikor provides a vehicle for communications, so whether you are across town or across the globe, you have easy access to your loved one’s case notes, activities undertaken by IKOR’s Advocates, and a detailed accounting so you remain in control of your costs.
  • Secure Messaging: When you have questions about your loved one’s care or need help decyphering doctor’s notes, you can securely send a message to your loved one’s RN Patient Advocate using Datikor.
  • Remain Involved: Datikor allows you to remain involved in your loved one’s care.

Remote Monitoring

When appropriate, IKOR uses telemedicine to monitor our client’s medical status at a distance. This provides the client’s privacy from strangers being in their home before it is necessary, and heightens their sense of independence while providing those who care about them peace of mind. From medications monitoring to keeping an eye on blood pressures, oxygen levels, weights and blood sugars, the person who you are concerned about is routinely watched over. Our experienced RN Patient Advocates know what to look for and when a doctor should be brought in. IKOR is consistently sharing our findings with all providers involved to ensure safe, reliable and consistent care.