IKOR Opens in Columbus, Bringing Life Care Management and Day-to-Day Support for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

Powell, Ohio (November 28, 2016) – IKOR, a growing network of offices offering healthcare and financial advocacy, life management services and guardianship, announced today that it has opened a new branch here to help secure proper care and optimal quality of life for seniors and individuals with disabilities in Northwest Columbus.

melanie-hankison-web-useOperated by Dublin resident Melanie Hankinson with the support of Sandy Miller BSN, RN, a graduate of the Ohio State University College of Nursing with 40 years of clinical teaching and management experience as a Registered Nurse in Ohio, the new office will provide IKOR’s comprehensive portfolio of medical, financial and disability advocacy and life management services to seniors, individuals with disabilities and those with special needs, optimizing their quality of life and bringing peace of mind to their families and appointed legal and fiduciary advisors. Whether it’s an aging parent whose evolving needs are weighing more heavily on their family, a child with a physical or developmental disability who requires proper provisions today and a solid care plan for the future, or any individual with a disability who needs an authoritative voice in his or her corner, IKOR’s experienced staff secure, maintain and manage the best-possible situations. Legal and fiduciary professionals similarly look to IKOR as a trusted resource for managing their clients’ care.

Hankinson earned an associate degree in physical therapy from Penn State and went on to study organizational leadership from that institution as well. She has spent more than two decades in healthcare and related roles, including work with hospitals, home healthcare providers, and multiple rehabilitation and therapy programs. A certified senior advisor (CSA), she also has been a volunteer guardian and has successfully assisted many adults facing difficult healthcare decisions by guiding them through complicated systems, advising them and supporting them in their efforts to find a renewed sense of quality in their lives.

“Becoming an IKOR Life Care Manager is the realization of a lifelong passion I’ve had for serving others and the ideal way to put the experience I’ve gained through my many years in healthcare to use,” she says. “I’m looking forward to making a difference in the community in which I live and serve, working closely with people throughout Northwest Columbus to get them the care they need in the setting that best suits them and helping them achieve the quality of life and dignity they desire and deserve.”

IKOR’s comprehensive care management solution consists of Registered Nurse Advocates available to established clients all day, every day to address healthcare management, environmental or psychosocial crises. Specially trained staff on-call in each office can also handle Power of Attorney authorizations, provide financial advocacy such as tackling routine bill-pay, and ensure that clients receive all public-program assistance to which they are entitled. Through its proprietary database-driven system, Datikor®, IKOR also ensures that everyone officially involved in a client’s case has real-time access to the information they need for peace of mind and seamless, accurate care.

IKOR has been providing these services for nearly two decades through a nationally expanding network. Since its launch in 2000, the company has continually looked to address more of the issues surrounding people needing care, and most recently added Life Management services to help shoulder the burden of managing everyday life. For seniors, this may include:

  • navigating the healthcare system and advocating for proper care;
  • choosing the best living arrangements;
  • paying bills to ensure necessary products and services continue uninterrupted;
  • weeding out fraudulent offers and other scam mail;
  • serving as an objective third-party immune to the pressures of internal family conflict;
  • and other activities designed to alleviate the excessive demands on time, emotional exhaustion and feelings of being overwhelmed that often accompany major life decisions or when separated by too long a distance to be on-call throughout the day, every day.

In providing these services, IKOR helps seniors live out their lives in the location best suited to their desires, resources and abilities and attain maximum independence. At the same time, IKOR helps younger clients increase their independence and fulfillment by helping them arrange further education and employment, enabling them to become more productive members of society.

IKOR of Northwest Columbus is located at 3803 Attucks Drive, Suite A in Powell, Ohio. To inquire about services, contact Melanie Hankinson by calling (614) 956-1231 or visit https://ikorglobal.com/locations/nw-columbus. General information on IKOR, including the company’s approach to healthcare and financial advocacy and guardianship, a complete list of services, client testimonials and more, may be found online at http://www.ikorglobal.com.