IKOR International Founder, Patricia Maisano

IKOR International Founder & CIO, Patricia Maisano

IKOR is not just care management; we are life management RE-DEFINED. It is not a question of if we will age, but how will we age. That question is answered differently for every one of us, and with changes to legislation, healthcare and technology, it is not always easy to navigate those changes. IKOR was created to help navigate these changing environments with compassion, wisdom and integrity. At IKOR, we take a holistic approach to the lives of our clients, looking at the medical, environmental, psychosocial, and vocational/educational aspects surrounding them.

IKOR’s Key Principles

  1. To act in the best interest of our client only and always.
  2. To help our clients live the most independent life possible within their physical and financial restrictions.

The IKOR Approach

  1. Needs Assessment – IKOR will do an initial assessment to get an accurate picture of the current situation. This will create a baseline for where the person is right now so we can have a starting point. Assessments are given by trained, experienced Registered Nurse Advocates. We can do Directed Assessments to address specific needs, or our Complete Assessment, which looks at the major aspects of one’s life – medical, environmental and psychosocial.
  2. The IKOR Process to Life ManagementLife Map – After the initial assessment, we will make recommendations for the short term and long term to navigate the future. The short-term plan will address immediate needs and concerns that can be resolved over a 60- to 90-day period. They can be as simple as a doctor’s appointment or as complex as a home modification. Long-term plans cover a longer period, usually 6-12 months, and are often contingent on solving a short-term problem before they can be implemented successfully.
  3. Coordination of Care Services – Once the life map is agreed upon, IKOR will work to coordinate the services. Because our offices are locally owned and operated, our professionals have a working knowledge of the different professionals needed for each situation. Here are a few examples:
  • Meal Preparation
  • Transportation
  • Handicap Equipment Providers
  • Telemedicine Providers
  • Lawn Services
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Home Care Providers
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Attorneys

IKOR works independently of any referral networks, and will typically provide up to three options for any services required.

  1. On-Site Quality Assurance – After we have coordinated services, IKOR will perform scheduled and unscheduled quality assurance monitoring. We make sure the professionals that are selected are providing the level of service our clients expect. IKOR monitors the progress of our clients and will continue to make recommendations as their situation changes.

Let us show you why IKOR is the right choice for you and your family!