Caring advocates for the disabled and seniors, assessing needs and orchestrating all aspects of client care.

Advocacy without CompromiseSM

IKOR understands that tending to the needs of seniors and the disabled can be stressful and draining in terms of both emotions and time. You may feel overwhelmed by the responsibility to make the important decisions that now confront you. IKOR was founded to address these specific issues and assist families and professionals in creating optimal choices that enhance each individual’s quality of life.

For Professionals

Have confidence in a comprehensive plan and care oversight that ensure your client’s needs are efficiently and effectively met.

Advocacy with WisdomSM

IKOR simplifies the care management process of fiduciaries by providing unique solutions for the issues of seniors and the disabled. We orchestrate all aspects of client care, because we know what they should be; providing an unbiased, independent point of view that focuses on maximizing the quality of life within the parameters of a cost-conscious and time efficient platform.

For Families

Find comfort in knowing that you or your loved one is consistently receiving quality and compassionate care.

Advocacy with PassionSM

Like you, IKOR is passionate about the needs and wishes of you or your loved one. IKOR services are used extensively when families are separated by distance from the senior and/or disabled individual. In addition, when there is uncertainty regarding what needs to be done or disagreements arise on what to do, IKOR is there to navigate these difficult situations.

“IKOR’s talented, dedicated, intelligent advocates
improved every aspect of my care! ” - WCO

"Because of IKOR's medical insight, my family feels confident
that we made the best choices for our parents.” - GL

Advocacy without CompromiseSM


Needs Assessment

Comprehensive review to determine current status and needs regarding medical and physical care

Strategic Plan of Care

Development of both a short-term plan to address immediate needs and a long-term plan addressing on-going and future needs

Coordination of Care

IKOR coordinates and oversees all aspects for the delivery of care and treatment services

Quality Assurance

IKOR takes responsibility for the consistant monitoring of the care services to ensure exceptional quality standards are met.